What does hiding behind your Masque reveal about you?

Have you ever been to a Masquerade Ball? Well I have, and I can tell you now it is Masque, not Mask. Any cretin who mentions the latter will jolly well be disposed of. Ho!

I do apologise for that rude remark, it would appear that I have exaggerated the anger necessary for differentiating between sophisticated Masque and slovenly Mask. However, this exaggeration is important to note. It seems that most of the guests at a Masquerade Ball find it necessary to exaggerate some part of their personality – or person – when wearing a masque. I liken this phenomenon to the loss of senses, literally. For example, it is agreed that a blind person will have a heightened sense of hearing compared with those who can see. A deaf person will have a heightened sense of smell. A masqued woman will show a little more breast than normal and a masqued man will assume his roving eye will go undetected. It’s purely logical.

Of course I’m joking. Women are perverts too.

The irony of this situation is simple. In an attempt to go incognito (humour me, I’m not suggesting a Romeo-and-Juliet-type suspension of disbelief that behind a masque you are completely anonymous), you actually reveal and project more of yourself onto others than you intended, is necessary or appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stamping on your sandcastle. I do appreciate the fun of the Masquerade Ball. All I am saying is that just because part of your face is covered, it does not mean that my ears have stopped working. I can hear you. As for those of you taking an extra glass of champagne, is that really a good idea when your vision is already blurred? You may think you are unrecognisable, but here are some clues as to your identity: your clothes, your hair, your shoes, your voice, the bottom half of your face. All of which will henceforth be associated with attempting to pole dance on an oak.

Anyway, for want of a rant, this is what I have decided upon. So I implore you to think before you attend one of these wonderful occasions: what does hiding behind your masque reveal about you?


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