Where was she hiding the beauties? Behind her self-respect, perhaps.

‘She always covered herself up, so I didn’t think much of her. But it turns out she’s got bloody Fs!’ One man’s approach to female bodies: he has the right to know the size of female appendages and bases his opinion of us directly on them. Shame the size of his misogyny outweighs the size of his appendage. Where was she hiding the beauties? Behind her self-respect, perhaps. As I write this an unknown lorry driver beeps at me. Maybe he thought I was someone he knew. Maybe he should reconsider his gestures when I have a camera phone on which to capture his number plate and company name. Anyway, even when I broached the subject of sexism in the pub (why ever not?) some guys brushed it off as ‘banter’ which apparently I am obliged to ‘take’. This discourse sounds familiar…

Others stay quiet, hoping that their silence will appeal to both parties and feeling clever to have duped us all. Au contraire shy guys, you have very clearly taken your position on the fence, which is fine for some issues (rambling in the countryside, fencing..no, maybe not) but definitely not for a matter of rights and gender equality.

Laughing off constant sexism as ‘banter’ and ignoring its existence altogether are as bad as each other. Frankly, I do not want to end up having this argument every time I go out, but then again blaming alcohol for bringing out an ingrained disrespect for women is infinitely more unacceptable. If anything, it tells me that the people spewing out this sexist ‘banter’ have a sense of humour the size of a cocktail sausage. That figures. It might actually surprise them to know that there are so many other ways to make people laugh without insulting others.


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