Great news Disengaged Youth: political mastermind, Joey Essex, has made a documentary!

The latest stimulating, insightful programme to be aired on ITV2 is so high-brow it has practically transformed into a hairline. Yes, that’s right, political mastermind, Joey Essex, has made a documentary about the forthcoming election, which certainly poses some challenging questions. Questions such as: ‘What is Europe?’ and ‘Why are they called the Liberal DemoCATS?’ Meow.

“I was wondering that. I thought it was quite a weird word in it – it’s got cats in it. What’s the cats about?”

Don’t be mistaken, I am all for encouraging young people to get more involved in politics, to make an informed decision about which party’s policies they prefer, and to actually VOTE (less than HALF of 18-24 year olds voted in 2010) – but will anyone really be more informed by Joey Essex? He didn’t even appear more informed himself after making the programme.

It is frankly embarrassing that Essex is “representing” young people with his idiotic questions and vacant smile. This is a man who doesn’t even know how the NHS is run, for goodness’ sake. If some young people feel disengaged enough with politics to not vote for anyone, I don’t think that patronising them with a representative who is more interested in taking a selfie than taking an interest in how his country is run is going to encourage them to change.By labelling a politician ‘reem’ (or any other word that means utter nonsense) all Joey Essex can possibly be achieving is a new Twitter trend, which ultimately amounts to nothing when the votes are counted.

I hope I am proved wrong but, based on this programme, I have a sad feeling that those young people who were disinterested by politics and were not planning to vote will not have changed their minds by the time May 7th rolls around.