Writer’s block: what happens next?

Write, write, write and keep writing. If you want to get noticed and get paid, if you want to make a name for yourself – you must KEEP WRITING.

But what happens when the ink runs out? You keep scratching at the paper, but nobody can read it. You pierce straight through.To use a more modern metaphor, let’s say Microsoft Word is ‘not responding’.

It’s infuriating. Debilitating.

Commonly known as ‘writer’s block’, the inability to know what to write next can put the fear of God into those who want to earn a living from their craft. They being to question any ideas they may have or have used in the past. Will this come across as too…personal, boring, offensive?

This fear of failure stops a writer in their tracks. They effectively block their own creativity through misguided reasoning and the problem of wordlessness becomes a vicious cycle.

You might say, having a definition of this is all very well, but what can you do about it? Nobody can tell you what comes next in your story, blog or poem. A teacher once told me that she wrote absolute rubbish. It is only by wading through the rubbish that you will stumble upon a gem – or at least, something worth keeping.

Even if you decide to dispose of everything you churned out, hopefully, you will retain the momentum to keep going. Keep a diary and reread it a week later. Something that seemed mundane last week could be this week’s dynamite.


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