The Great British Stay-cation

This year I am looking remarkably white. Not in an elegant, swan-like fashion, though, more like a blindingly luminous substance-like fashion. In short, I haven’t seen the sun for a while.

But all is not lost. No, for my paleness has enjoyed a rather great holiday at home in the UK. Instead of lounging about by the pool in precious little, I have lounged about on the masseur’s table in precious less.

The British ‘stay-cation’ often gets a bad rep as the rainy sort of holiday you don’t really want to take but that is better and less expensive than not going away at all. Either that or a cheap alternative for the environmentally conscious. And I suppose that could be true, if you decide to holiday around the corner at your Auntie’s in a tent. But if you choose your destination well, it could flatten any jet-setting, globe-trotting extravaganza you want.

Here are my personal favourites when it comes to holidaying at home:


I don’t think it is even necessary to explain why London is on this list, but I will give it a go in case anybody needs some extra encouragement. The Queen, dungeons, theatre…London is bursting with things to do, come rain or shine, and if you book train or bus tickets in advance, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Every trip I have taken to London has been different, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

My favourite memory: watching Disney’s The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. I will admit that it was so good, I cried.

My most recent memory: pretending to be a local by using an Oyster Card for the first time on the tube. Casual.


This is an adorable coastal village in Somerset, where I enjoyed many a camping trip as a child. If you enjoy being outdoors, walking and beautiful views, this is the place to go. Just make sure you check the weather forecast before setting off!

The Manor

Forget the weather. It can rain, snow or throw down buckets of ice and you will still enjoy The Manor. This is a sport, craft and spa hotel near Okehampton, Devon, which offers you all kinds of activities that don’t depend on the British ‘summertime’. My hands-down favourite part of holidaying here is the pottery because you end up with a personal, handmade memento to treasure forever.

So there you have it, my favourite stay-cation destinations. Where do you like to holiday in the UK? Let me know, I’ve still got a few weeks of summer left…


One thought on “The Great British Stay-cation

  1. ‘My most recent memory: pretending to be a local by using an Oyster Card for the first time on the tube. Casual.’ – brilliant.

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