What size is beautiful?

What size is beautiful? If we think about it, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. And yet, women continue to define their own beauty by the number on their clothes hangers.

According to yougov.co.uk, the most desirable dress size in Britain is a 12, but the real average size of British women is a 16, and shop mannequins are a size 10. To add to the confusion, while ‘plus size’ models, like Tess Holliday, have helped to glamorize the larger form, many women are still feeling the pressure to shrink down to a catwalk model size 0 (UK 4). All this considered, it’s not surprising that some women replace the labels in their clothes, diet excessively, or go to more extreme length to achieve the ‘ideal’ body.

So I was pleasantly surprised when flicking through October’s Cosmopolitan magazine. Their ‘Curve Edit’ featured models that the fashion industry would label ‘real women’. In other words, these women represented the average-sized British woman more accurately than conventional models. And they were beautiful.

But wait a second, ‘conventional’ slimmer models are also beautiful. As are women so arbitrarily labelled ‘plus size’. The notion that all sizes are beautiful now provides the fashion and beauty industries with another question:

If size doesn’t matter, how can we define beauty?

As we have seen from Superdrug Online Doctor’s research into photoshopping, beauty is completely subjective and differs from person to person. I can’t define beauty for someone else as much as they can’t read my mind. The only thing I can be sure of, is that beauty should not be restricted to a number.


2 thoughts on “What size is beautiful?

  1. Great post, it really makes you think deeper about beauty and all. Because everything and everyone is beautiful, it only takes the right person to see it.

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