Travelling: How To Pack and Organize 

It is now only two weeks until I leave the country. That was a scary sentence to write. I am moving to France for a year to work in a school, and I have just two little weeks to get myself ready. But whether you’re going for a year or a week, travelling is so much easier when you are organized.

So where do I begin?

I suggest making a list of all the rooms that will be in the place you are staying. For example:







Staying in a hotel? Cross out ‘Kitchen’. Don’t have a car? Get rid of ‘Garage’. I would keep office regardless of whether you are going abroad to work, because it covers any paperwork.

Now that you have a list of rooms, you can sort out all the things you need to pack by these categories. This is much simpler than trying to make a list of everything you might need with no formal system.

From there, you could even divide each room into subcategories. For example ‘Bedroom’ might include:



Bedside Table


A room that definitely requires subcategories is ‘Office’. Not only will you need travel documents – passport, visa, tickets, etc – if you are going to be working, studying or renting property abroad, you will also need relevant documents for these categories.

Once you have decided upon categories and subcategories for documents, it is time to create a filing system. For this, I suggest colour-coding and sorting by date so that your files are easily located. Obviously, you can’t do this with items other than documents, but you can label boxes of items by room for ease of accessibility.

By organising what you need to pack, you will reduce any associated stress and hopefully be less likely to forget anything important.

That’s it from me for today, so I hope you found it useful. I’m now off to begin colour-coding…


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