Year Abroad: Days 5 and 6 in Caen

One of my colleagues picked me up yesterday at about 5pm and we headed straight to Caen, stopping off to get some food for her cat but, in typical French style, the shop was closed. When we arrived in Caen we went to my colleague’s sister’s apartment, where I met her and her partner. They prepared a lovely dinner for us, which consisted of French cheeses, bread, quiche, wine and martini. We talked a lot about the differences between France and England, especially universities and healthcare (the sister is a doctor).

After dinner, my colleague and I went to her friend’s apartment, where we watched the rugby with some of her friends. Following a poor show by England against Australia, we decided to play some games. This included translating Ring of Fire into French. At about 12 we headed out to a bar in town and we all had a ‘Diabolik’, which is a flaming shot that tastes like caramel. Next we went to another bar which was beach-themed; it even had sand all over the floor. The only problem with that place was that it only seemed to play about 5 songs, and one round of ‘Scream & Shout’ by Will I Am and Britney is enough for me.

Displaying IMG_0066.JPG

Me and the girls in Caen

So we left that place and walked to a club that closes at 7am. 7AM. Caen isn’t exactly Ibiza, so that was a surprise for me. I managed to stay until a respectable 5am and then went back for some much-needed sleep. Aside from the English music in the club, what interested me was that they had breathalyser tests on the bar. I suppose it can’t be a bad idea for the Designated Driver to check if they are over the limit. Oh, two more things to mention: French men are very keen to approach girls, and not so keen to let it go, and I can’t understand French in a nightclub.

This morning (Sunday) was difficult, and I am still absolutely exhausted, so that means the rest of today is going to be spent watching Friends. And I am not sorry at all.

A plus!


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