How to Make Yourself Look Less Hung over

We all know that feeling. You have been rudely awaken by the harsh tones of an alarm clock after having next to no sleep and realise that in twenty minutes you have to be presentable. Whether you are going to work or a lecture, to see your tutor or a brunch date, it doesn’t change the fact that you look like death warmed up and dragged through a field. So what can you possibly do in a short amount of time to remedy the situation?

  • Drink a litre of water. Let’s rewind. It’s the night before you became the monster of the morning after and you haven’t gone to bed yet. Not only will drinking water make the next morning a little easier to take headache-wise, it will drastically improve the look of your skin. Dehydration leaves the skin looking dry and flaky and if alcohol is involved, chances are it will be a whole lot worse.
  • Take off your makeup. Preferably do this the night before, but even if you forget, make sure to do this before you leave the house. Smears of mascara under the eyes are a massive giveaway to the reality of your fragile state, so get rid of them.
  • Don’t reapply your makeup. It may seem like a good idea to cover your entire face with products in the hope that you will mask how you are really feeling, but this is not a good idea. Instead, ditch the concealer and give your face some time to breathe and recover. If you really can’t bare the idea of going makeup free, apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer like this one from No7. Its lightweight formula means that it won’t clog up your pores but it will cover those dark circles under your eyes.
  • Wear layers. Being extremely tired often goes hand in hand with feeling cold. Being extremely hung over often goes hand in hand with sweating. So, in an effort to combat both problems with a limited amount of time, wear layers that you can take off and replace as often as necessary. This could take the form of a shirt, tank top and cardigan; just remember to keep each layer light.
  • Sort out your hair, love. Nothing says hung over like frizzy, knotty hair that may or may not be stuck to your face. If you haven’t any time to wash the beast, arm yourself with some dry shampoo like this one from Batiste, and throw your hair up into a messy bun. Then thank the lord that this is a genuine trend, which you legitimately could have copied on purpose.

Disclaimer: this is not my usual sort of post; however I thought it was worth sharing as I spent a considerable part of this morning writing it for another site, only to realise that the task had already been snapped up. Sugar!


Year Abroad: I made it to one week!

Wow. I can’t believe I’ve made it to a week already. (Just 11 more to go before the Christmas holidays!)

I didn’t achieve much this morning; partly because I didn’t have any work to do, partly because the weather was awful, and partly because I had a terrible stomach ache. I spent the majority of the morning making the most of the wi-fi in the staff room, instead of freezing to death with an Ethernet cable in the lodge.

It’s a bit difficult to write a blog post because nothing remarkable has happened so far, but I do want to keep this up every day. I think it will be useful for me to look back on when I have to start writing essays about intercultural competence for university and also as a personal memento of my time abroad.

All I had planned for today was lunch, then observing a couple of English lessons, and then I may go to a yoga class in the evening but I’m not sure about that. I have just noticed that I have a locker in the staff room – excellent news, now I will receive my post!

I have started writing my CV in French – it’s part of the portfolio that I have to put together for university and I know it’s a bit early to begin it now, but what else can you do on a rainy Monday? I really should start something productive, but it’s hard motivating myself at the moment. I have been listening to a bit of French radio, and then writing it down to see what I can remember, but at the moment it is much too fast for me to recall what was said. I think I have the gist, though.

After spending a while in the staff room, I went for lunch at the ‘self’ with a colleague. There was a bottle of Merlot on the table for lunch – typical! Then we had a meeting with the English teachers about when I will be working and with whom. I now have a pretty good timetable, meaning that my earliest start is 10 am and I have Fridays off – so I can go travelling and/or lie in.

I observed two lessons this afternoon, in which the students asked me questions about myself and then I just watched how their lessons work. This is so that I can plan what I teach them next week. My favourite question that they asked me was, ‘Do you like tea?’ because, of course, as an English person I must like tea! It was a bit awkward observing the lessons because I kept wanting to answer the questions when the students didn’t want to speak and even to correct the teacher… but I had to keep quiet mostly.

Overall, today has been good. I am looking forward to working again tomorrow and then it will be one day closer to when my sister arrives!

A demain!

5 Reasons to be Positive this Autumn

It’s that time of year again. Whether you are returning to school or university, the beginning of Autumn can rush in with a great deal of dread. Homework, essays, exams plus wet and windy weather do not make for a happy combination. With that in mind, here are my top 5 reasons to be positive right now:

  1. New stationery. WHSmith is doing a 20% off deal at the moment, so you can jazz up your folders and desk with some new gear. For me, a pretty notebook always makes the prospect of another year of lectures much more inviting.
  2. Well, the weather outside is frightful, but the TV is so delightful. Everyone knows that summer television is terrible, probably because no one is around to watch it. Come Autumn, however, you will never be stuck for entertainment on a rainy day with the likes of Strictly, The X Factor and GBBO.
  3. New modules. Even if you are continuing with the same course(s) as last year, the chances are that you will have new modules or topics to cover. That means they will be more interesting. Well, they could be more interesting…they will be different.
  4. Student Discount. Just when you thought you were going to have to live on rice and beans like a contestant on I’m a Celeb, NUS Extra stepped in and gave you 10% off your groceries at the Co-op. Plus other useful discounts like Railcards, Superdrug and, most importantly, Dominos.
  5. The season of goodwill. It’s only 113 days until Christmas. Just saying.